About the Naturally Better Vending Company

Many years ago, my wife and I noticed at our jobs and our children's school that there were very few places to find healthy, affordable snacks. In the part of greater Grand Rapids where we live, there is one main grocery store and a couple of convenience stores, so if you want snacks or a beverage, you either have to drive to get it, or over-pay for it. During this time, we noticed a chance to both create a new financial opportunity for our family, and a way to improve our local community through providing healthy snack and beverage options in convenient locations. Because of this, we created Naturally Better Vending, your local provider for delicious and nutritious drinks and snacks.

By choosing to work with us you know you're working with a local family operated business, that is dedicated to providing world class service and products. We're inviting all of Grand Rapids to get on board with healthy snack and beverage alternatives at work or school.

Local Friendly Service

When it comes to our machines, we have just what you need. We offer some of the most advanced technology available. Our machines accept all forms of payment, run quietly, and have advanced inventory tracking, so you'll never have to worry about your favorite item running out, we're always on it! Additionally, we offer a wide selection of healthy snack options from some of your favorite brands, so you and your employees or students, can get the snacks you want from a convenient local source.

When you are working with Naturally Better Vending you can be sure you are getting the best vending service in Grand Rapids, MI. That's because we are a local family owned and operated business. So, we are always available, and in the area for any service or repairs that you may need. And of course, we offer free maintenance and repairs on all of our machines, together with friendly, professional service.