Better Machines Means Better Service

When you look around at the vending machines in Grand Rapids, you may notice that most of them are aging. For the most part vending machines haven't changed a lot since they first came out, and so most vending businesses are still offering the same machines your parents used when you were a kid. That's one of the big differences between Naturally Better Vending and some of the others in our area. We offer only state of the art machines, with modern features such as Credit and Debit Card, Google and Apple Pay to help ensure customer satisfaction.

While it may not seem like a big difference, having a modern machine with a few expanded features like the ability to accept credit or debit cards can make a huge difference in your guests and employees satisfaction and productivity. Few people in this modern age carry cash around due to the convenience of debit cards, so having a machine that only accepts cash defeats the purpose. With a machine the accepts many forms of payment, your guest and employees, are more likely to find the snack they want and get back to work, instead of leaving your business to go somewhere that accepts the payment forms they have.

Equipment and Service You Can Count On

Some of the features of our machines include:

  • Multiple payment options including Credit and Debit, Apple and Google Pay, as well as cash
  • Nutrition display so your guests know exactly what they're getting
  • Remote Inventory monitoring for instant service updates
  • Handheld inventory monitoring for efficient product management and ordering
  • Product and service alerts to ensure timely maintenance and cleaning

Our machines are equipped with internal monitoring as well as SureVend technology. Security measures are in place so that your vending machine transactions run smoothly from start to finish. SureVend makes sure you get what you ordered or your money back. No more errant charges, or paying for an item only to have it get stuck in the machine. Let your guests order with confidence, knowing they'll get exactly what they paid for.